Scientific committee

The International Scientific Committee


Yi Li, University of Connecticut, USA/NAU, China


Jun Wu, NAU, China


Albert G Abbott, University of Kentucky
Pere Arús, IRTA, Spain
Etienne Bucher, INRA, France
David Chagné, The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited, New Zealand
Chunxian Chen, USDA-ARS, USA
Evelyne Costes, INRA, France
Véronique Decroocq, INRA, France
Elisabeth Dirlewanger, INRA, France
Charles-Eric Durel, Angers-INRA, France
Kevin Folta, University of Florida, USA
Fabrice Foucher, Angers-INRA, France
Laurens François, Angers-INRA, France
Junping Gao, China Agricultural University
Ksenija Gasic, Clemson University, USA
Yuepeng Han, Wuhan Botanical Garden, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Zhenhai Han, China Agricultural University
Yujin Hao, Shandong Agricultural University, China
Timo Hytönen, University of Helsinki, Finland
Satish Kumar, The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited, New Zealand
Shunquan Lin, South China Agricultural University, China
Fengwang Ma, Northwest University of Agriculture and Forestry, China
Doreen Main, Washington State University, USA
Cameron Peace, Washington State University, USA
Bénédicte Quilot, INRA, France
Rene Smulders, Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands
Michela Troggio, Fondazione Edmund Mach, Italy
Riccardo Velasco, CREA - Research Centre for Viticulture and Enology, Italy
Lirong Wang, Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Kenong Xu, Cornell University, USA
Qixiang Zhang, Beijing Forestry University, China
Zhihong Zhang, Shenyang Agricultural University, China